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About Nihon Unisys

Established in 1958, the Nihon Unisys Group has a history dating back to the dawn of the computer era. We have continually contributed to the development of IT in Japan by providing effective and timely solutions to the needs of IT users.
The Group provides integrated services that begin with the analysis of management issues and culminate in their solution, for clients in sectors ranging from financial services, manufacturing and distribution to energy and government.
By working in close communication with clients, the Group is able to provide powerful support for IT-based management innovation through the creation of systems that are optimized to meet user needs.


Nihon Unisys Group Corporate Philosophy

Our Mission

Work with all people to contribute to creating a society that is friendly to people and the environment

Our Vision

Be a group that strives to be sensitive to the expectations and needs of society and that thinks through how ICT can contribute to meet them

Our Values

1. Pursuit of High Quality and High Technology
Always have the latest knowledge that is useful for society while improving our skills
2. Respect for Individuals and Importance of Teamwork
Identify each other’s good points, encourage each other to improve those good points and harness the strengths of each person
3. Attractive Company for Society, Customers, Shareholders and Employees
Listen sincerely to our stakeholders to improve our corporate value


Nihon Unisys Group Charter of Corporate Behavior

We will meet our responsibilities towards society and the environment to protect the future of our children.

1. Act with coexistence of people and the environment as the highest priority
2. Always act according to the principles of social responsibility
3. Sincerely work on the core subjects and issues of social responsibility

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